• Are the servings big enough?

Our care for our guests as well as long-standing experience in organizing wedding receptions guarantee delicious and filling menu In order to check that it is really so there is a possibility of making an appointment to try and taste the dishes beforehand


  • What happens with the food that is not eaten up?

The food which has not been eaten in buffets after the reception is over on your request can be packed in appropriate containers and given out.


  • Do cakes and the wedding cake have to be additionally ordered?

The cakes and the wedding cake is included in the price of the chosen menu. All the cakes come from the hotel bakery which assures their high quality.


  • What are possibile colours of the tablecloths?

The colours are in pastel hues. We have tablecloths in the following colours: Sand, salmon, celadon and traditional – white.


  • Are Dance floors and tables in the same room?

In case of a wedding reception for up to 170 people we can arrange the tables for guests, buffets with the food and the dance floor in the same room – Imperial Restaurant on the ground floor. In case of bigger events we can arrange the tables for up to 250 guests but the dance floor would be in the Lobby; such a solution finds its application during yearly New Year’s Eve Balls.


  • Can the Lobby Bar be accessible for the guests?

Naturally, apart from the alcohols and beverages specified beforehand by the bride and groom and served in the restaurant we can give the guests access to Lobby Bar which can be an extension of the range of the alcohols on offer.


  • Until what time can the reception last?

The reception must finish no later than 5 a.m. The limit is due to the fact that breakfast is served in the same room from 6:30 a.m. The staff must have enough time to lay the tables and prepare the restaurant.


  • Is it possibile for the wedding guests to eat breakfast later and move the check-out time for later?

It has become our standard. Wedding guests staying at our hotel can stay in their rooms till 3:00 p.m. and breakfast is available till 11:00.


  • Do we offer cheaper menu for the music band, photographers and camera men?

There is a possibility of choosing a cheaper menu for the music band, photographers or camera men. Depending on the chosen option the set can cost under 100 PLN per person –appetizer, soup, main dish, dessert + modest cold buffet + one-dish warm meal.


  • Can we provide an animator of activities for children?


On your request we can provide an animator of activities for children. A perfect place for children is the separated part of the restaurants called VIP room where the parents can see their children at all times.


If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask. We encourage you also to visit Parkhotel Vienna personally where we can present our offer to you during a meeting with delicious coffee.


Contact details:

E-mail: marketing@vienna.pl
Phone: +48 33 496 62 00 lub +48 33 496 62 67

You are cordially invited!

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